Interesting Stuff: October 14th

Privacy offers free virtual credit cards, letting you mask your purchases. Useful for protecting your purchasing history and preferences. Probably not enough to stop the anyone serious from finding you.

Bostrom’s paper on the problems an infinite world poses for traditional ethics. A good start, but ultimately incomplete. It misses the incoherence of fundamental concepts such as life and death in the face of infinite copies of every being existing.

Y Combinator’s essential startup advice. Useful for running any organisation.

Bret Weinstein will receive $500’000 from evergreen state college in a settlement. Weinstein objected to students calling for whites to leave campus for a day, and chose to stay on campus on the “day of absence”. Following this “Weinstein was accosted on campus by students, and was advised by college officials that he should remain off campus for his own safety, as campus security personnel, it was stated, couldn’t protect him. Students also commandeered college president George Bridges in his office, holding him there and subjecting him to more than four hours of verbal abuse before releasing him. A sampling of the abuse: “No fuck you, George. We don’t want to hear a goddamn thing you have to say….You talk so fucking much….No, you shut the fuck up.”” As is to be expected, no one was punished for using public intimidation and harassment to enforce the absence of a race from a public institution.

Effective altruism has a lying problem

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