Longevity, Policing and Asia

A FAQ/Summary of longevity research. Understandable and relatively comprehensive.

Flatworms can regrow missing limbs, including their heads. Surprisingly, they retain previous memories after doing so.

In many states in the US, police officers receive a variety of legal privileges ranging to “get out of jail” cards for friends and family to the right to be told the names of any witnesses against then if they are under investigation for a crime.

An undercover police officer from London talks about his experiences.

The Confucius Institute, and growing Chinese state infiltration of thousands of US  educational institutions. “The Chinese teachers are thoroughly vetted by Hanban, according to Sahlins’ report. They “must have a strong sense of mission, glory, and responsibility and be conscientious and meticulous in [their] work,” Hanban says. They’re also explicitly instructed to toe Beijing’s line on controversial political questions. There can be no discussion whatsoever of human rights in China, or the Tiananmen Square massacre. Sahlins found that should a student raise an uncomfortable question about, say, the political status of Tibet, Hanban’s instructors are ordered to refocus the discussion on, say, Tibet’s natural beauty or indigenous cultural practices (which, ironically, Beijing has spent decades stamping out).”

Rent controls and India’s housing crisis from marginal university.

SSC on Conflict vs Mistake theory, In short, some see politics as the process of finding the truth. Others see it as a perpetual conflict between interest groups. The articles characterisation of the latter group is too narrow and negative.

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