The good man is more dangerous than the egoist

A person who is driven by self-interest is only so dangerous. They cannot give their life to inflict harm on their enemies. The main benefit of harming your enemies is deterring future aggression. That deterrence means nothing if you are dead.

A person who is driven by communal interest is more dangerous. They can give their life to harm their enemies. Even if they die, their community, their family, their tribe will benefit from their sacrifice. Still, they can be controlled. If they community faces reciprocation or is held hostage, they can do nothing.

A person driven by ethics alone is the most dangerous. They can do anything. Their life means nothing if the alternative is giving in to evil. The wellbeing of their community means nothing. The only thing that matters is doing what is right. There is no way to control them. A man person driven purely by ethics is a person who has risen above the material world and achieved pure free will.


  • Communally interested people are more dangerous collectively because they make strong communities and strong communities are more powerful than even the strongest individuals

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