2018: Year 1 in Review

I started this blog with a post on the 14th of October, 2017. I mostly posted random collections of links for the next 6 months until I started to actually publish my own writing in April. I think now’s a good time to look back.

My best articles this year:

Decent articles this year:

I’m happier with this year than with the ones that came before, I wrote more and I got some of the important ideas that occupy me down on paper. There’s a long way to go, both in content to cover and the quality and clarity of my writing. There’s also a tension between my two styles of writing. Sometimes I write in a clear, logical and precise manner, checking off arguments one by one. Other times I write more freely mixing metaphor and image and idea together into one big mess. I think both are valuable but it’s an open question how far the latter is intelligible to people who don’t already know me and aren’t familliar with my ideas.
What about the coming year? The main objectives are the same as always: to keep writing and not be afraid of writing dumb stuff. There are also some things I want to write about. I’ve been meaning to start writing book reviews when I read valuable things. I have a few drafts hovering around from last year which should be decent with a little bit of polish. Specifically, I have reviews at some stage of in progress for:

  • The three heads of cerberus
  • Heretic
  • Skin in the Game
  • The high growth handbook
  • On violence and Violence of the Mind
  • Fear no Evil
  • The elephant in the brain

I also have some topics in mind to cover in a bit more detail:

  • The Identity sequence
    • The problem with naive physicalism
    • The problem with continuity
    • A mind-space theory of identity
    • Is the copy problem a problem?
    • Past-body privilege and why location is morally irrelevant
    • The irrelevance of causal entanglement
  • Practical and Pure ethics
    • Practical vs Pure ethics
    • Applications to common ethical problems
  • Philosophers cannot build skyscrapers
  • The horror of evolution
  • My rules for relationships and daily life
    • For honesty
    • Against false friendships
    • Accept suffering & adversity
    • Most people are amoral
    • Towards moral vision
    • Marginal Improvements Compound
  • Competitive Debating
  • Software Engineering (potentially in a separate blog to avoid political contamination or the need for self-censorship)

The first two sequences are things I’ve been thinking about on and off for years now. Evolution I’ve already covered but I think a clean and argumentative piece would be good. The real added value probably lies in discussion of my rules for relationships and daily life. I find that some of my most deeply held beliefs are also ones I consider obvious and not worth writing about. I also find they’re not so obvious to many people I talk to. I should write about them a bit.

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