Problems and Org Ideas


  • High housing prices in large western cities
  • Most charitable spending is wasted
  • Autism is seen as a disease/abnormality.
  • People are generally stupid.
  • Education is broken
    • UK: School inspections are ineffective. Pre-scheduled = schools prepare well in advance.
    • UK: Schools have serious disruption in class.
    • UK: Bad children are left in schools and allowed to disrupt/harass good children
    • Education is expensive
    • Many types of Education have low social/personal returns for some degrees/levels
    • There are many bullshit degrees. (e.g: Beyonce Studies
    • Gifted children are squandered. UK: Schools have no incentive to target gifted children. UK Helping the less able is seen as more morally required than allocating resources to the gifted
  • Broken families widespread in the west.
  • Neo-facism spreading in the west. (More worried about identitarian, regressive left strain than the far right)
  • Controversial research is not funded.
  • Many people in the west are lonely/extremely isolated
  • (UK) The justice system is broken. Criminals aren’t arrested. Police response times are crazy. Courts are hellish. The criminal code is a mess of thousands of pieces of legislation. Prison sentences are low.


  • House prices down, supply up. lobbying London
  • Convince large firms to donate money to effective charities
  • Autism is not a disease
  • Genetically engineer better people. Embryo screening and selection
  • Education Reform: Liberal Arts College London
  • Pay really bad parents/people to not have kids
  • High IQ/achieving kids in schools.
  • Bad kids should be excluded
  • Stop/Educate about Neo-Facism. (Left wing strain)
  • Fund controversial research
  • Criminal justice reform: exponential sentencing for recidivism


  • (UK) A rationalist newspaper/media org
  • Dating App
    • id verification
    • Have to pay
    • Interview
    • IQ test