Midnight thoughts on modern hate

From Shtel-optimized:

I’m happy that, according to this Vanity Fair article, Facebook will still ban you for writing that “men are scum” or that “women are scum”—having ultimately rejected the demands of social-justice activists that it ban only the latter sentence, not the former. According to the article, everyone on Facebook’s Community Standards committee agreed with the activists that this was the right result: dehumanizing comments about women have no place on the platform, while (superficially) dehumanizing comments about men are an important part of feminist consciousness-raising that require protection. The problem was simply that the committee couldn’t come up with any general principle that would yield that desired result, without also yielding bad results in other cases.

It’s interesting how quickly hate can spread. Ethnic and gendered hatred used to be a feature of the right. Today it’s spread to the left. I should write more about this. About:

  • Anti-white racism and misandry existing
  • Why it exists, focusing on social incentives, collective action problems and lack of group identity/class conciousness due to systematic norms which punish individuals who attempts to create/express it.
  • Probably why it’s wrong.

Anti-white racism exists. So does misandry. Unlike sexism or racism against blacks or Muslims, it’s normalized*. That’s why it scares me. I never meet normal, socially accepted people who publicly speak about blacks as a group and about having no-black events or spaces. When I hear Nazi’s or racists, they’re at the margins of society and they don’t seem to be anywhere near power. When I hear SJW’s and identitarians, the regressive left, they seem to grow louder by the year and have broad social support/control. The far right is a phenomenon of the lowest classes, of social outcasts. The regressive left is wined and dined by corporations and governments. It’s everywhere in our educational institutions, shaping the next generations norms. The future is not a golden path.

*Worth noting that anti-muslim stuff is more normal/accepted than pure racial stuff. Also worth noting that

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